Culture / People

IRI in the Community

IRI engages a wide network of local partners in Tirana, Durres, Korca, Shkodra and Elbasan.


In each of these regions we already have initiatives built in collaboration with local actors through a methodology with active participation.

Projects and local activities



– Visits to the city museums, cult objects, cultural centers, characteristic neighborhoods of Korça from the architectural and urban point of view

– Seminar with young guests, researchers of culture, history, religion to discuss and present the impact that religion and religious values have had on the construction, organization and architectural development of the city of Korça


– Raising awareness of young people about the importance of cultural values in our daily lives.

– Familiarity with the cultural and religious heritage of the city of Korça.



-Discussion forums with groups of young people

·         Conversation with a group of young people in Ura Vajgurore with whom the topic of the fate of religious buildings during the communist regime is addressed: their demolition after 1967.

·         Conversation with young practitioners of religious beliefs on the topic of religious objects as above

·         Conversations with young people of the Youth of Ura center for prominent clerics of the Berat region With two prominent examples: Father Vangjel Xoxe and Vexhi Buharaja

Production and dissemination of religious site cards


·         Dedicated information to youth groups for a fair perception of these issues

·         Creating and strengthening a climate of understanding and tolerance between them

·         Attempts to shed light on the phenomena of extremism



1.      Meetings with religious leaders to explain the purpose and vision of this project and obtain their support.

2.      Identification of clerical women of the five religious communities in Albania.

3.      Establishment of a database of clergy women of the five religious communities in Albania.

4.      Interfaith roundtable with clergy women in Elbasan, where the challenges, problems and difficulties of clergy women will be discussed.

5.      Sharing the Vision on the role of clergy women in religious communities in Albania.


A database created with clergy women for the first time in Albania

Clergy women will build a platform for the role of women as an integral part of the IRI.



1.      Series of youth talks / forums: Organized with pupils of middle schools of the city with some experts and educators on the topics: 1. Learn how to be tolerant and how to accept the other, starting from ourselves, in order to produce a more tolerant world,  2. How to overcome the challenges of accepting the others who do not share your beliefs, 3. Asking pupils to create cases that bring positive messages, 4. Asking experts with ties to Education and Psychology to share their insights on the field and help to create the cases that can further educate with these positive qualities.

2.      There will be a final show organized by young group, entitled ‘Promoting positive messages among people’.


·         A network of young pupils that will have the proper sensitivity on the issue and will serve as the nucleus for other future activities of educational character in the city

·         Increased awareness among community about harmony and tolerance for a better world

·         Increased number of people with culture that promotes respect and harmony among persons who are different from each other

·         Increased number of persons who understand that there are more things that unite than the ones who separate. This makes the city unique and a good model to be followed

·         Increased involvement of the young generation and community in preserving a tolerant society



Religious youth Guide:

·                     A youth guide in the mosques and churches of Durres, explaining their transformation in different periods of city life.

Youth meeting in the Multifunctional Youth Center of Durres – Udhetim i Lire

·                     Youth talk on the subject of noted religious figures for the community with two concrete examples of Hafiz Mustafa Varoshi mufti of Durrës and Father Zef Pllumbi.

·                     Drafting and printing a leaflet with information and distributing it to young people.

3.      Online meeting: Youth talk about the future of religious coexistence from youth’s eyes. The value that needs to be promoted from them 


·         Increased knowledge and accurate information on the persecution of religion during communism and the consequences that can be felt today

·         Increased knowledge on the religious rich cultural and architectural heritage and values in the community of Durrës.

·         Increased engagement of the young generation for perpetuating a climate of harmony.



– Introducing IRI and its mission to young journalists

– Development of a roundtable (no.1) to introduce young people, students to journalists and journalists to the activities and the importance of IRI and enroll them in promoting the values of tolerance and interfaith harmonization in Albania

– The development of a roundtable (no.2) for the presentation of the idea together with the forum of young journalists of Tirana to discuss the role of journalism students, international relations students and history students for presenting the history, tradition and culture of Albanian religion.

– Brainstorming for potential synergies and joint actions between IRI and media


– Raised information and capacities for a group of 10-15 young people studying journalism mainly

– Young people will be aware of the ethical principles for certain topics during the realization of their profession

– Commitment of the next reporter generation for the climate of harmony