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IRI and religious communities

Based on a cross-sectoral approach, the objectives of the Inter-religious Institute in relation to religious communities are defined as follows:

1. Strengthen religious communities after the communist regime, in particular: • Strengthen respect for religious identities

• learn and provide information about one’s own religious affiliation and belief and the belief of others to build relationships of mutual trust

• support young people and women to take an active role in their communities

• strengthen families as bearers and promoters of values and traditions rooted in religion

2. Initiate, develop and execute interfaith activities to promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence in Albania, and set an example for the Balkan region and Europe, in particular:

• provide spaces for interfaith communication, meetings and community building to combat prejudice and promote an open mentality towards each other.

• encourage religious communities to play an active role in Albanian civil society

• build 21st century core competencies, such as critical thinking, collaboration and teamwork or joint decision-making regarding personal development and civil society


• foster cooperation between religious communities, public and private actors, education and academia, and the media.

January 10, 2020
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