The Establishment of the Albania-Bahrain Friendship Committee for Development

On Friday, April 9, 2021, during an online meeting, the Albania-Bahrain Friendship Non-Governmental Development Committee was established in order to contribute to the strengthening of mutual engagement in various civil fields, building solid bridges of unions, creating and developing these unions and establishing a civil dialogue and understanding between the two countries. This Committee aims […]


IRI hosts first interfaith iftar

The Inter-religious Institute Albania hosted on May 4th 2021, the first Interfaith Iftar with guests from religious communities, MPs, state institutions, civil society, academia and youth organizations. The event was a networking and partnership building opportunity for all the participants. IRI Executive Director Dr Arben Ramkaj in his greeting mentioned that “in these difficult times […]

Religion Society

Religious communities in Albania call for active involvement and serene participation in the 2021 electoral process

Both the Catholic Church through a press release of the Conference of Bishops and the Albanian Muslim Community made public calls to all devotees and citizens to respect the electoral process by participating calmly, exhibiting maturity and voting responsibly. Religious leaders and clerics made a strong call against selling and buying votes as they harshly […]


Capacity building for local multipliers

The work for raising the capacities of the local multipliers in our 6 communities of Tirana, Durres, Korca, Berat and Shkoder is going on with a series of trainings. Under the guidance of Andrea Mewaldt, participants were introduced with two participatory methods the “Future Workshop” and the “Open space conference”.


Fraternal Call of the Presidency of QBNF Elbasan to the leaders of the political parties of our Region

The spirit of tolerance and understanding must guide political parties in the election campaign. Like all residents, the religious communities in the Elbasan Region are watching carefully the atmosphere and the election campaign of April 25 that will start today, and we deeply regret the images from this campaign which in its first steps produced […]