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IRI part of UNGA 76 side event “Combating RMVE”

The Executive Director of the Inter-religious Institute of Albania Dr. Arben Ramkaj was invited to participate in the virtual webinar organized by the International Institute for Justice and Rule of Law (IIJ) with the theme “Combating the Transnational Threat of Rational Violent Extremism or Ethnic (REMVE) “webinar held in the framework of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 76).

At this UNGA Side Event 76, senior officials from the US Department of State, the Swedish Ministry of Justice and Defense’s Research Agency, the UK Office for Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth & Development and the United Nations Office on Terrorism (UNOCT) discussed recent trends in recruitment, propaganda and conspiracies, and the key challenges facing governments in working to counter terrorism this urgent international threat. The event also announced the creation of a new Counter-Terrorism Law Enforcement Forum to address REMVE and highlight the RJVE Criminal Justice Practitioner IIJ Guide — a key resource for governmental and non-governmental actors in addressing this phenomenon.

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