IRI hosts first interfaith iftar

The Inter-religious Institute Albania hosted on May 4th 2021, the first Interfaith Iftar with guests from religious communities, MPs, state institutions, civil society, academia and youth organizations. The event was a networking and partnership building opportunity for all the participants. IRI Executive Director Dr Arben Ramkaj in his greeting mentioned that “in these difficult times we are fostering a climate of dialogue and joint efforts to overcome hardship and strengthen our mutual bonds.” The event was also greeted by Rabbi Yisroel Kaplan who commended the work of IRI and also announced the construction of a comprehensive Jewish center in Albania that will include Albania’s Holocaust museum and acknowledge the wonderful unique story of the salvage of Jews by Albanian people.

Speaking in this iftar, Pastor and professor Ylli Doci spoke on the terms of tolerance, harmony and co-existence and the way they apply to Albanian society.

All the participants wished for a successful conclusion of the holy month of Ramadan for Muslim believers and reiterated their support for the work of IRI in the future.

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