Fraternal Call of the Presidency of QBNF Elbasan to the leaders of the political parties of our Region

The spirit of tolerance and understanding must guide political parties in the election campaign.

Like all residents, the religious communities in the Elbasan Region are watching carefully the atmosphere and the election campaign of April 25 that will start today, and we deeply regret the images from this campaign which in its first steps produced incidents between the two main political forces. The fact that this happened on a marked day for Elbasan, tarnishing the celebration of the Summer Day with acts of violence between their supporters is even more condemning. The same scene was repeated today in Labinot. This conflictual approach, which does not reflect the values of the citizens of Elbasan, doesn’t honor us all and negatively affects the peace and harmony with which our city stands out.

Religious leaders have previously argued that the spirit of hate and intolerance is harmful and causes open conflict among us.

Once again, the leaders of the QBNF religious communities call upon the political leaders of the parties to be prudent and to wisely present programs and their candidates to the residents of our District, who are free to choose alternatives that are closest to their requirements.

Therefore, we call on the leaders of the parties, their candidates and their supporters, to be prudent and civic in their behavior!

Pray and remain hopeful
that our voice and concern will find the understanding and support of all parties.

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